Late Birthday Post

So it was my birthday on July 28th, hit the big quarter century mark. My lovely friend Linda organized a suprise birthday supper for me and even invited some of my nursing friends! All in all, it was a good night with 3 cakes and 5 extra lbs on the waistline.

Jamie surprised me with a home made card which he had time to put together while I was in Vancouver on vacation without him. He actually went out and bought yet another cutting mat, this one being double the size of mine!! He also bought a package of the Scotch adhesive instead of using the adhesive I already had!! The picture doesn’t show all the detail but he actually made it to look like my glasses and he made one arm shorter than the other so it would fold together and tuck into each other nicely. He also wrote a little note on the back that read “This card has been made with love by Jamie using Sandy’s stuff”. He also wrote a lovely little poem in it that went as so…

“To Sandy,

Your eyes are so bad you’re as blind as a clam

We need to greatly improve your vision,

So that you can clearly see how hot I really am,

My gift is to pay for your laser operation. “

So then of course he had to bring up the fact that the poem rhymes and he had to use a rhyming dictionary for the poem. He was proud and it turned out beautiful!

Jamie's Handmade birthday card

Jamie's Handmade birthday card


So that’s the birthday part, now the part on THE NEW STAMPIN’ UP CATALOGUE!! I was able to pick up my catalogues on Sunday night and Regan drove over at 9:30 last night to pick it up as soon as I got home. She could hardly wait to get her hands on it and I just dropped off a copy at my other friend’s house. Definitely some beautfiul sets I have my heart set on and a few sets that are from the old catalogue. Take and look at the catalogue online or get one from me and let me know what you think.

I used the aqua painter for the first time last week and I absolutely LOVE it!! The coloring was so easy to do as compared to coloring with the blender pen and pastels and the effects look much nicer. The aqua painter was a bit pricey but after using it for the first time, it’s worth every penny. And the great thing is, I have every color the markers come in plus more since I can use the in color stamp pads to color with.

A card for any occasion

A card for any occasion


Alrighty, till next time I have a spare 30 minutes to try loading pics! Ciao amigos!


~ by snadypooh on August 12, 2008.

One Response to “Late Birthday Post”

  1. I definately think that Jamie can give you a run for your money with card making LOL. I don’t remember if I was the one that asked you, or if you offered your services first, but I’m so excitied to see the samples you’re going to come up with! (and it will be a double post, since it’ll be in both our blogs… haha).

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